Here’s a story we didn’t write, but we’re determined to document: the story of Anelisse Ionașcu, national champion in eKarting in 2023.

Last summer, we wrote about her participating in her first karting race at the age of 6. It happened in Bacău, where she secured third place, even though she was the only girl in the rookie class. Four years have passed since then; she’s won many races, became a champion, and many things have changed. However, two things have remained exactly the same for our little champion: her thirst for victories and the fact that she like competing against boys. Boys that are older than her. If that doesn’t mean breaking barriers and prejudices…

Well, a new competitive season is starting, and we are happy and grateful to join Anelisse for the ride.

So, we will follow her races, share them here with you, and if the stars and corners align as we believe they can, in a few years, we’ll see her in photos with Verstappen. But until then – we know, and so does she – there’s a lot of hard work ahead.

A few milestones from the already impressive career of a 10-year-old who knows what she wants:

  • First karting race (6 years old) and her first podium, in a race where only two boys surpassed her.
  • Second place in the NanoWatt class at the competition on Calea Victoriei, Bucharest. 12 drivers, two girls. Silver for Anelisse.
  • Third place in the NanoWatt class at the Super Slalom competition in Tineretului Park, Bucharest.
  • National Vice-Champion in the MicroWatt class. She was 8 years old then.
  • First place in two races in 2023 (Ploiești and Bacău) and second place in Bacău.

In July 2023, Anelisse moved up to the MiniWatt class, a faster class where she competes against boys aged 11 and 12. Let’s not forget, she’s only 10 and takes corners like Alonso after a good night’s sleep.

We are watching a rising star. Stay tuned.

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