After Business League Awards Gala, we took a breather and looked at the calendar: Unicorns’ Retreat 2024. Once again, that time of the year when we help the best of the best to relax and dive into debate and pampering.

In one of his writings from “String Theory,” David Foster-Wallace talks about performers, in relation to the people on the sidelines, who watch and admire.

You see, writers can be quite clever when they want to. But the idea is simple: when you’re really good, you get used to it. While the observers can appreciate and tell the story of excellence the best. Because ultimately, that’s what we are: facilitators who observe, listen, take notes, and improve the process and experience for the most people. Sorry, for the best 😀

Elite athletes and top marketers have enough things that separate them. But also enough in common to inspire each other.

“It may well be that we spectators, who are not divinely gifted as athletes, are the only ones truly able to see, articulate and animate the experience of the gift we are denied.”

So, the Unicorns’ Retreat took place over the weekend that just ended. Every break week, 2Peformant gathers the best players in a beautiful place. And the peaks of our ecosystem, in turn, gather in their own living rooms, load their families into the car, and then there they all are, arriving where they need to be. This time “there” meant the Grand Hotel Teleferic, in Poiana Brașov.

Affiliates and advertisers had a chat over a glass of wine or a sauna corner, about figures, algorithms, and each other’s worlds, while the slopes emptied and filled like the generous glasses of the restaurant.

It was good, but it will be even better. Next year, once the new plans discussed at the Gala gain some momentum, we hope the group of unicorns will grow.

By the way, do you want to come to the next retreat? It’s super simple: in the next 3 rounds, grow your sales like a Unicorn! 🦄

PS: Last year, Foster-Wallace’s book was beautifully translated and edited by Pilot Books.

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