Uniplaces.com is a safe and easy housing platform to find and book rooms, apartments, flats and residences in the main European cities. Uniplaces is focused on booking mid to long-term rentals.

Benefits of the Uniplaces Affiliate Program

  • High payouts – up to €12-€20 EUR per confirmed lead
  • 24/7 customer service to answer any purchase questions
  • Unique places for every budget
  • Verified homes & “rent your home” option

How to promote Uniplaces on the Digital Globetrotter Challenge Challenge?

  • Check Accepted & Prohibited Promotional Methods on the program page
  • Focus on the destinations of the Digital Globetrotter Challenge and check which of those are covered by Uniplaces
  • Write as many articles as you can about Digital Globetrotter Challenge destinations with links to Uniplaces
  • Cashback, Coupons, Email, Youtube and Display are accepted and can be a good way to promote Uniplaces
  • Drive more traffic to your articles:
    • Post them on your Facebook and Instagram Page
    • Set-up Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns to the articles (Uniplaces does not accept SEM)

Uniplaces Tools & Features

Premium Options

Uniplaces offers premium rentals, verified by their team, in the main European cities.

“Rent your Home” Option

While you travel and explore other cities, you can also rent your own home through Uniplaces and have an additional income stream.

Suited for all

Uniplaces offers a multitude of filtering options to find the best property, suited to your needs. For instance, they cater to digital nomads, students, groups, families or those traveling for work.

Apply now to the Uniplaces Affiliate Program and good luck in the Digital Globetrotter Challenge!

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