Kiwi believes everyone should be free to experience the world 🌎
That’s why they are breaking down the barriers to low-cost travel, making the world open and accessible for all.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

  • 3% commission for every confirmed booking ― one of the highest CPA for flight bookings
  • 30-day last-click cookie period
  • Mobile website tracking
  • Average Order Value = 370€
  • Average CR = 6,8%
  • Average bookings per day = 16,000
  • Sold seats per day = 30,000
  • Multiple currencies and languages
  • Kiwi Guarantee for entire trip
  • No third party commercial on the site
  • The booking is made directly on site
  • No order processing fee
  • Possibility to make refunds and cancellations
  • Inspirational articles for your blog
  • Cheap flights page

How to promote on the Digital Globetrotter Challenge?

  • Check Accepted & Prohibited Promotional Methods on the program page
  • Focus on the destinations of the Digital Globetrotter Challenge
  • Find cheap/fast/best flights for these destinations
  • Refer low cost companies or line companies
  • Write as many articles as you can about Digital Globetrotter Challenge destinations with links to offers
  • Promote offers on your Facebook Travel Group
  • Coupon sites are accepted and has a lot of offers that you can insert
  • Cashback sites are accepted and can be a good way to promote
  • Drive more traffic to your articles:
    • Post them on your Facebook Page
    • Set-up Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns
    • Use your Instagram page to promote your content on Digital Globetrotter Challenge destinations
    • If you have a YouTube Channel, you can add links to offers in the description of your related videos Tools & Features


You can use Kiwi’s calendar if you don’t have clear dates of departure or return, or if you plan a vacation a long time in advance. You will notice that some days of the week have significant low rates.

Deals Page

Completely customizable Deals page that you can easily insert into your articles.


Travelers can now save hours of their time and significant amounts of money when searching for cheap flights with a revolutionary new tool developed by – NOMAD. This allows people to enter the destinations they would like to visit and then it calculates the cheapest possible route between them. Read the article here.

Interactive Flight Map

If you plan a relaxed vacation with relaxed dates and destinations you can use the interactive flight map to minimize costs.

Apply now to the Kiwi Affiliate Program and good luck in the Digital Globetrotter Challenge!

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