Economybookings is an aggregator for various global and local car hire companies, such as SIXT or Europcar. They offer a wide variety of car classes, including new high-quality vehicles meeting your needs and budget best.

Benefits of the Economybookings Affiliate Program

  • 50.77% commission for every paid order
  • 45-day last-click cookie period
  • Multi-lingual call center
  • All types of cars available, from economy to luxury
  • Accepts a variety of promotional methods: SEM, Cashbacks, Coupons, Display, Email, Groups.

How to promote Economybookings on the Digital Globetrotter Challenge?

  • Check Accepted & Prohibited Promotional Methods on the program page
  • Focus on the destinations of the Digital Globetrotter Challenge
  • Write as many articles as you can about Digital Globetrotter Challenge destinations with links to offers
  • Promote offers on your Facebook Travel Group
  • Cashback sites are accepted and can be a good way to promote
  • Drive more traffic to your articles:
    • Post them on your Facebook Page
    • Set-up Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns to the articles or the offers (SEM is accepted) Tools & Features

Popular Destinations

You can find popular destinations on the main page, grouped by countries or by cities, so you can easily filter and find the best deals.

Special Offers

There are special offers for every search, for instance the first additional driver can included in the booking and the best deals are clearly highlighted.

Apply now to the Economybookings Affiliate Program and good luck in the Digital Globetrotter Challenge!

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