is an online service to help air travelers understand and exercise their rights when it comes to claiming any airline compensation due to flight delays or cancellation.

Benefits of the Compensair Affiliate Program

  • Paid order 11.53% commission
  • Unique product – a lot of people are still unaware that they could get a compensation for their disrupted flights
  • Strong brand awareness is supported by active Facebook Ads campaigns (over $15k-$20k is spent monthly)
  • 30-day last-click cookie period
  • Average claim amount is around €400
  • Free flight check, which only takes less than minute

How to promote Compensair on theDigital Globetrotter Challenge?

  • Check Accepted & Prohibited Promotional Methods on the program page
  • See their target audience: Demographics: 18-65, M/W
  • Focus on the destinations of the Digital Globetrotter Challenge and check which of those are covered by Compensair
  • Write as many articles as you can about Digital Globetrotter Challenge destinations with links to Compensair
  • Cashback, Coupons, Email, Youtube and SEM are accepted and can be a good way to promote Compensair
  • Drive more traffic to your articles:
    • Post them on your Facebook and Instagram Page
    • Set-up Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns to the articles

Compensair Tools & Features

Compensation Calculator

Compensair offers a free tool to quickly check your flight and see if you are entitled to compensation, for flights in the last 6 years.

Rights Factsheet

There is a Rights factsheet offered by Compensair where you can clearly check current regulations and understand what you are entitled to.

Apply now to the Compensair Affiliate Program and good luck in the Digital Globetrotter Challenge!

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