This round, during March 8-10, the team showed everyone in the championship #howitsdone. A challenge-contest through which affiliates could win substantial bonuses. And indeed they won, because the results were spectacular:

  • Over 1400 sales in one weekend
  • Sales of almost 60,000 euros
  • 1st place for in the Business League Companies level.

The contest mechanism was simple and attractive enough to get affiliates working: each affiliate who brought in sales of 5000 euros received a 500 euro bonus. Simple. And if they brought in sales multiple of 5000 euros, the bonus would multiply at the same rate.

As we mentioned before, the results were excellent because Excellence itself rewards initiatives of this kind. And the main person responsible for this success is Alina Pitaru, Affiliate Manager at Vencedor Media for

Among the useful things you’ll learn from the interview below, here’s a sneak peek we attribute to the Excellence we mentioned: “We do not cancel commissions for sales that were not completed due to reasons beyond the affiliates’ control.”

Alina Pitaru is an experienced affiliate manager with drive and successful stories to her name. Here’s the latest one: is one of the affiliate programs with the most active affiliate management on the platform, and we want to praise this. What does quality affiliate management mean to you?

I am very pleased with your appreciation. It amuses me at the same time, because when the program was first launched (as 2Parale), I didn’t think I’d end up saying that “all companies in Romania should be in 2Performant” 🙂 We’ve been doing affiliate management “only” for a few years, with very good results for our clients, and this is due to continuous involvement, both with you and with the affiliates. Just as important are our daily actions: we follow the programs’ progress, affiliate activity, optimize campaigns when necessary, are almost always in calls, and take into account all the information received.

How do you communicate with the affiliates in the program? Could you share some best practices?

Affiliates… here we have a success story. We treat the affiliates and their work with a lot of respect! An affiliate who invests money and time in a program becomes a partner of that business, and we position ourselves accordingly. Best practices? I don’t know if there’s a specific recipe, but I can tell you how we proceed:

-we do not cancel commissions for sales that were not completed due to reasons beyond the affiliates’ control 

-when organizing campaigns, we discuss them in advance both with the affiliates and with you

-we take into account the affiliates’ recommendations for each program and as much as possible try to adopt them. 

Moreover, we organize frequent calls in which we try to optimize each program we manage and meet the affiliates with whatever materials and information they need, propose marketing campaigns, etc.

What are 3 words that, in your view, define high-performance affiliate management?

I think there is only one word: “TOGETHER”! When we have a new client in our portfolio, we try to understand his business as well as possible. Then, together with the affiliates, we try to find the most efficient promotion options to generate as many conversions as possible, and then, together with you, the people at 2Performant, we generate the most effective strategies to achieve our goals.

We noticed that in the affiliate program, you periodically organize contests with prizes for affiliates, and we’re pleased with this. Can you tell us a little about the challenge from March 8-10, where did the idea come from? How did the affiliates react?

It was indeed a challenge, because, in a busy period in Beauty but without Black Friday or other major events, we managed to run a weekend campaign with downright spectacular sales results. The event was organized to mark the Days of Cupio, hence the idea for the contest, and it proved to be a real success. But all this was possible through direct communication with the affiliates and with the help of the 2Performant team, those days being practically a prolonged call every day with everyone involved. Many, many hours of work, but it was all worth it!

How many sales were generated during the contest period? What was the sales value you achieved?

It was beyond expectations, the figures were spectacular. Personally, I think it was a great achievement of everyone involved in the event. During the contest period, there were over 1400 sales and the sales value was almost 60,000 euros without VAT.

How many affiliates actively participated in the contest? What would be a top 3 of the traffic sources used by affiliates to support you in the campaign?

Especially the program’s loyal affiliates were involved, who achieved results beyond expectations. Top traffic sources would be: Google, Facebook, Coupons.

What message would you like to send to your affiliates after this contest?

I believe that affiliates are the best marketers in the market. They invest their own resources to generate profit both for themselves and for clients. I thank them for their support, for their recommendations, and I assure them that I will remain as involved as before!

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