Businesses aiming to boost their affiliate revenue through e-commerce can simply rely on video content today. With the increased demand for video content, businesses across the globe are leveraging video content for increasing their affiliate revenue. 

Thankfully, the rise in technology has made it easy for brands to create and publish videos as affiliates. Moreover, there are plentiful applications and websites that you can utilize for creating some of the most outstanding videos. Discover below everything you need to know about making an affiliate marketing strategy through videos. 

Benefits of videos for creating your affiliate marketing strategy 

As an affiliate, individuals have several options when choosing channels for promoting their respective products and services to prospective customers. While social media and blogs are excellent sources of doing so, video content gaining peak popularity has given rise to a majority of the influencers turning to this source. 

It goes without saying that video has time and again proven just how impactful it is for driving customers to invest in your brand. A report suggests that adding video content to landing pages improved conversion rates by over 80%. Furthermore, brands are seemingly boosting their email CTRs (click-through rates) by over 20-40% on incorporating video content. This only records increased commissions and higher revenue for affiliates. These statistics are increasing due to the impact of video content. Humans naturally have an ever-decreasing attention span and videos are the perfect way to deal with this element. 

In addition to this, humans can better recall content that they see in the form of videos than in any other format. Videos are a great source of content for better memory. They not only stick with your customers but simultaneously lead to increased conversions in a short span of time. 

Last but not least, one of the unbeatable benefits of video is that it offers a higher ROI (return of investment) 

Tips for utilising videos as an affiliate advertiser 

The good news is, as an affiliate marketer, there are a number of ways by which you can use videos. Here are some of the most prominent tips that most experts will give you. 

1. Add a CTA (Call-to-Action) 

A CTA plays a quintessential role in any type of affiliate marketing content. It very subtly helps you draw attention to your website links, thereby promoting leads on clicking on them. Moreover, you can also add other content such as CTA to keep your audience much more engaged. A CTA is thus an essential element of ensuring that your video serves its purpose. It addresses the core objective of your video and ensures that your video gets all the appreciation it deserves. 

Here are some popular CTAs you should incorporate in your video content. 

  • Add instructions on how to use your affiliate link to learn more insights on specific products and services that you may be promoting. 
  • Add information on special deals, discounts, or coupons that viewers can benefit from through your affiliate promotion code. 
  • Ask your users to engage in the comment section or your video. 
  • Make a list of all your social media handles that your audience can follow you on.
    Add Reminders for your audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel. 

Make sure to keep your directives as simple and feasible as you can for driving maximal attention to your CTAs. 

2. Create short and brief videos 

You want to make sure to create short and simple videos. As previously suggested, it is practically impossible for humans to invest their attention into something for too long. Nobody lies in long and boring videos. A very prominent element of ensuring that your viewers stay engaged throughout is to create short yet aesthetically-pleasing videos. For creating the best videos you can use a video editor to create professional-like videos, add effects, transitions, and music, etc. or you can hire someone to make your brand videos.  

The average timeframe of high-ranking YouTube videos is about four to five minutes. There are several ways to create short videos and still convey your message to your viewers. Nonetheless, there are several recognized YouTubers who are highly ranked on YouTube despite making long videos.   

The key is to understand what fits your brand the best. If you’re able to keep your viewers hooked into viewing your content, you have a significantly higher chance of converting leads and ultimately, attaining optimal brand success. 

3. Optimise your videos 

Optimizing videos for SEO is a proven benefit for affiliate marketers. Similar to how you’d generally optimize your blogs for search engines, make an effort to optimize your videos to gain traction as well as rank better on Google. Keyword research plays a rather crucial role in optimizing your videos. There are a myriad of tools that you can make use of to find the most relevant keywords for your videos. Additionally, adding transcripts is also great for improving your rank on SEO. Publishing the written version of your video content on your website can help you grab the attention of your viewers. 

Apart from this, the watch time, also known as the average timeframe of views for your respective video plays a prime role in determining the rank of your YouTube videos. Make sure that you create valuable, authentic, and engaging content by making use of relevant editing tools such as InVideo. Your aim is to make your videos seem as pleasing as possible to the human eye. 

Bottom Line 

A very crucial part of creating videos as an affiliate marketer is to analyze which platforms to publish your videos on. TikTok and Instagram are two of the most trending platforms presently that cater to video content. While kick starting your journey in an entirely new field of advertising can be daunting, you can make your experience a bit less stressful by following the right measures. 

This was a complete guide to affiliate marketing through videos. Make sure that you go through the above-mentioned insights carefully so that you have a good chance of creating an impact on your audience.

Elena Schelfhaut
Marketing Manager at InVideo

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