As you probably already know, we recently announced our intention to attract 5 million lei from investors on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. This amount will help us further develop the company, consolidate our leading position in affiliate marketing on the Romanian and Bulgarian markets based on existing competitive advantages, and also accelerate foreign-market revenue growth by laying the foundations for expanding the company in regional markets.

The accelerated growth of the company has been made possible by the current context, where, in recent years, we have seen an ever-growing interest in digital marketing, the phenomenon of freelancing (common for most affiliates), and the acceleration of online commerce.

5 months on the Bucharest Stock Exchange!

May marks 5 months since we were listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, a decision we took to attract capital to grow the company. Just five months after the listing, we are fast approaching the capital increase which will be completed in the 3rd quarter of the year. The first thing we did in this regard was to get this decision approved by our shareholders, which happened at the GMS on March 22.

What are the 3 initiatives which will be financed through this capital increase through cash contribution?

The capital raised in this operation will support three major investments, all of which have already been started by the company and will be accelerated with the attraction of capital from BSE:

1. Strategic partnerships with important online commerce and affiliate marketing players, with a strong business impact and the potential to form user communities in foreign markets.

Starting in 2020, 2Performant has established a partnership with Tradedoubler, an affiliate network with a regional presence. The partnership validated this development route for 2Performant, through collaborations with brands present on both the Romanian and Bulgarian markets such as and, and continues in 2021 with collaborations with several brands/online stores in the Tradedoubler portfolio.

In addition, 2Performant will be launching a series of new partnerships in 2021, which will materialize in technical integrations between the 2Performant platform and the platforms of partners, such as affiliate networks that facilitate access to strong brands in eCommerce, brands with a global or European presence and with traction in online commerce, and others.

Following the validation of such partnerships, 2Performant intends to run campaigns meant to attract new users in the targeted markets.

This project will contribute to reaching the target of increasing revenues from foreign markets by 65% ​​annually.

2. Growth projects on the Romanian and Bulgarian markets through the affiliate marketing product

To further capitalize on the growth of online commerce in the Romanian and Bulgarian markets, 2Performant will carry out a series of specific projects to increase the sales volume generated by current platform users, and to attract new ones. These projects will contribute to sustaining an estimated revenue growth rate of over 20% on the Romanian market in 2021, and in the coming years.

3. A project to develop a new way of assigning conversions in

The profitability of the affiliate marketing platform depends on the ability of 2Performant technology to correctly and completely assign the conversions generated by the affiliates. Browsers have announced increased restrictions regarding the use of personal data and the explicit granting of the right to store information about their activity, by users or visitors of sites. These browser changes may reduce the ability of 2Performant technology to monitor traffic, conversions, and sales across the platform.

For this reason, the 2Performant team of programmers is working on a new technical conversion allocation solution, which will secure and possibly even increase the revenue of 2Performant users and of the platform itself.

More about what the capital increase through cash contribution generally means, but also how 2Performant shareholders can benefit from this operation, you can find out from Rareș Mihăilă’s webinar held on May 5, a recording of which is available here.

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