Holidays are here and this is great for marketers but they are also spamming the same tactics again and again. And those stop working! It’s time to boost Christmas sales.

When everyone zigs, you zag!

Here are 5 marketing hacks you can use to boost Christmas Sales Right Now:

1. Give a Christmas Flair to your Logoxmas starbucks logo

Adjust your logo and social media profile pictures to incorporate festive elements associated with Christmas.

Example: Starbucks Logo


Pro tip:You can use Canva – a freemium tool – to add a Xmas flair to your logo

2. Give your Email Subject Lines a Christmas Flair

Here are few examples:

  • Ho!Ho!Ho! We got a gift for you!
  • Cheeses are the reason for the season
  • Jingle, Jingle! Our Christmas Shop is Open.

See 25 more Holiday Email Subjects That Shine Here

3. Reward your affiliates with special prizes

Give them something money can’t buy such as tickets to a sold out event or VIP events. You can give them amazing incentives at Christmas, such as a holiday for 2 in an exotic country.
Even if you don’t have a big budget for this just think out the box and offer something unique to your affiliates, especially around the festive period.

Boost Christmas Sales

4. Combine Products and Promote Them as Gift Sets & Ideas to Boost Christmas Sales

You can make Christmas Shopping a super easy thing for people by matching complementary products and wrap them up as gift ideas. When you have special Christmas promotions it’s always a good idea to promote these special deals to your affiliates.

5. Don’t let people to forget about your promotions

Christmas shopping can be chaotic and impulsive. That’s why people tend to visit many sites, add products to their cart and then forget to buy. That’s why it could be a great idea to send an email to users who add a product to their shopping cart, but they don’t buy.

Bonus Tip: Make your promotions visible to the affiliates

Add your Santa campaigns here and let affiliates help you with promotions.


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