We live in very competitive culture; we’re competitive at work, in business, in relationships, in traffic and basically in any situation that gives us a slight hint of competitiveness. In many cases competitiveness leads to innovation, and you get to push yourself to new heights.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t fall far from the tree, you strive to get the best market share; you strive to become a super affiliate. In a few words to want to get to the point in which you earn 6 figure amounts from what you love doing.

Since this is directly connected to performance, and we sure do love performance, we have our unique way to nourish this competitiveness between affiliates, through challenges.

1. Boost your ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit an affiliate is working for, as resulting from an investment in affiliate marketing. As a performance measure, ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments, like working with different advertisers.

One of the main reasons an affiliate can profit from these challenges is that it can boost your ROI. You do your day to day activity that earns you commissions but through challenges you get to earn much more than commissions, prizes in money or high end products. This ultimately is reflected in your ROI.

Spring Bloom is aiming to award the best 3 performing affiliates, in terms of processed commissions over the entire competition period – 22nd February – 21st March. The prizes we have prepared are an iPhone 6S, one IPad Air and a Vector Meridian Smart Watch.

There are also smaller achievements that will be rewarded, thus paving the way for bigger results. So special 100 euro prizes will be awarded for:

  • The biggest accepted commission during the campaign
  • The biggest number of accepted commissions in one day
  • The biggest number of accepted commissions in the Fashion Category

2. Make a name for yourself

Besides the financial aspect, participating in a challenge will increase your visibility as a top affiliate. Your work as a great marketer is recognized.

Challenges allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition, it allows you to show your skills and boost your career as a marketer.

This gives you a real advantage over other affiliates, as many more advertisers will want to work with you. Thus giving you the opportunity to try new niches and maybe giving you the enthusiasm to try new verticals in affiliate marketing.

3. It’s FUN

Competing is always fun, especially when you’re doing what you love. It gives you the context to continually self-evaluate and focus on learning and improving.

Embrace this part of you and start taking all our prizes!

Don’t hesitate. You have until March 22nd

Check out what we have prepared for you.

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