As of December 9th, the company’s shares began trading on BSE’s AeRO market under the symbol 2P.

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The Romanian technology company 2Performant Network S.A., the leader of the Romanian affiliate marketing sector, has officially been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange on December 9th. The company’s shares began trading on BSE’s Multilateral Trading System, on the AeRO market, under the symbol 2P. The moment was marked by the official opening of the trading session at the BSE headquarters.

In 2020, the future became the present. Higher digitalization, online commerce, remote work, all grew at a spectacular rate, thus creating an opportunity which 2Performant was prepared to seize. Our platform,, has been helping online stores collaborate remotely with thousands of digital marketing talents for years, on a democratic and transparent basis, thus generating value based on a unique, scalable, and profitable business model. To capitalize on the opportunities of the coming years, the natural step for us at this moment is listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. I am convinced that this is the healthiest financing route for technology companies and that the meeting between the capital available on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the potential of Romanian technology companies can bring about important changes to our economy for the near future. I expect as many technology entrepreneurs as possible to join us on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Dorin Boerescu, CEO of 2Performant

Transparency and performance are in 2Performant’s DNA. The team’s vision, that the marketing activity will be democratized through technology, led to the establishment in 2008 of the first affiliate marketing network in Romania, based on a cost-per-sale advertising business model. This vision translates into 5.4 million transactions worth over 226 million euros brokered so far by the platform for over 600 eCommerce Romanian and regional players, from over 30 industries, such as Orange, Decathlon, Elephant, Libris, FashionDays, Cărturești, Noriel, and others.

We are pleased to see 2Performant coming to the BSE for several reasons, the two most important being, the fact that it is a technology company, with future potential in a field highly desirable for investors, but also that it is one of the finalists of BSE’s own “Made in Romania” Program for supporting Romanian entrepreneurs. The story of 2Performant is of a team of visionary and dedicated people who had an idea to transform marketing, an idea that proved compelling for investors, with the company having run multiple rounds of financing. 2Performant has now reached a level of maturity at which listing on the stock exchange is a natural step and I am convinced that we will see other technology companies following suit. The over 30 rounds of financing carried out in the last 2 years and their impressive value of over 2 billion euros, prove that at the Bucharest Stock Exchange any serious company can find financing for its development.

Radu Hanga, President of the Board of Governors of the Bucharest Stock Exchange

Over time, 2Performant’s turnover has increased 200-fold. Being directly connected to the current period’s significant acceleration of online commerce and the evolution of digital marketing, the company has high growth potential. After having registered a 20% increase in turnover in 2019, for just the first half of 2020, the company reported a 37.5% year-over-year increase in turnover and a 129% increase of the EBITDA indicator. 11% of the company’s revenues in total turnover are generated in foreign markets.

2Performant comes to the Stock Exchange at a good time, with a validated business model and a proven capacity for growth and scaling. We have in front of us a window of opportunity in online and digital commerce, not only in Romania but also regionally. We want to seize this opportunity and aim to continue the accelerated growth of the company, up to four times in the next five years. We are in a global competition for talent, in which technology companies are well funded and we are confident that the listing will give us access to capital so that we can implement our long-term development plans. We are looking at consolidating and growing on the affiliate and influencer marketing scenes in Romania, expanding in the region, and acquisitions. Specifically, for next year we are considering an increase of the share capital, which will close the circle started by the private investment rounds and continued by the technical listing.

Bogdan Aron, 2Performant CFO

The authorized consultant who ensured the admission to trading of the shares of the technology company 2Performant is SSIF Goldring, who expressed its confidence in a positive evolution of the company on the Stock Exchange, emphasizing the opportunity thus created in a sector much awaited by the new generation of investors:

2Performant has confirmed its growth potential year after year, one based on a business structure implemented by an experienced team with expertise in both technology and online marketing. I am convinced that the label of “company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange” will bring an important contribution to the company’s evolution, as well as the company’s shares. On the international stock exchanges, tech companies are in the spotlight and I think that this is an important moment both for 2Performant, and the Romanian stock exchange, and other tech companies. We need technology businesses on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, as this is the right place for innovative entrepreneurial companies, and the listing of 2Performant proves it possible.

Virgil Zahan, Goldring CEO

Over time, 2Performant has conducted multiple rounds of financing with business angels, totaling approximately 500,000 euros. 2Performant became a joint-stock company in 2015 and has been audited since. So far, the company has made investments of over 1 million euros in its proprietary technology, developed and operated by its internal team of developers.

The current shareholding structure consists of 44 shareholders, of which: Dorin Boerescu, CEO and major 2Performant shareholder (38.7%), Radu Spineanu, founder of 2Performant (10.1%), Sergiu Neguț, 2Performant advisory board member (7%). Over 65% of 2Performant shares are owned by management, founders, and members of the 2Performant advisory board. They signed an agreement pledging not to sell 2Performant shares over the coming period. At the time of the listing, liquidity will be ensured by other shareholders out of the existing 44, some of whom are investors from the 2009-2015 period.

The 2Performant business is currently led by Dorin Boerescu (CEO), Irina Dumitrașcu (CTO), Bogdan Aron (CFO), and has an advisory board consisting of Sergiu Neguț (investor and co-founder of Fintech OS), Vladimir Oane (entrepreneur and co-founder Deepstash), and Matei Pavel (entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of T-Me Studios).

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