After 10 years (yes, almost exactly 10 🙂 ) where our focus has been linking ecommerce business to online sales generators, we are opening the platform to all other industries – by launching a new important feature in the platform – influencer campaign management and content marketing.

Through 2Performant, brands and agencies can now easily collaborate with Instagrammers, bloggers, vloggers, publishers, facebook pages owners or any other type of content creators.

The new feature eliminates paper and bureaucracy in influencer and content marketing campaigns – setting up a campaign (brief, budget) is done through a few clicks, brands and content creators can work together easily, and after the campaign is completed, 2Performant distributes budget to each influencer, withholding and paying to the state the taxes associated with each form of collaboration with individuals or legal entities.

Our platform reduces by 99% the paperwork needed for collaborations, accelerates contracting and payment processes, streamlines budget management and reporting.

Among the first influences and content creators listed in the platform are Andreea Bălan (with 2.5 million fans and an advertising rate of 1,800 euros), Noaptea Târziu (1.54 million subscribers on Youtube and 4.500 euro fee) or Tequila (The phenomenon girl Vlogger with 1.4 million subscribers – with whom you can collaborate for 2,500 euros), but also big publishers or renowned social media specialists.

In addition, the platform also lists social media specialists with whom companies can collaborate to set up and manage influencer campaigns.

The platform also has a section dedicated to special content marketing projects – through which influences and publishers can expose to their potential sponsors or partners their own large content projects which could be done only with a certain amount of money.


More information about the new feature can be found at where users can claim their own account in

The team that developed the new section 2Performant is composed of Sava Virtosu (lead developer), Tudor Mardar (design / UX), Eugeniu Ungureanu (senior fullstack developer), Vasile Popescu (QA), Tiberiu Buzdugan (frontend developer), Catalin Dragutescu (backend developer), Irina Detesanu (client service).

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