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Today, we are happy to announce the promotion of Cristina Angelescu (30 years old) to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Young and one of the few women in tech management positions in Romania, Cristina Angelescu has stood out since she joined the company at the age of just 26. Over the past four years, she has made a valuable contribution to the company through the Business Intelligence team she built and led. Thus, she has aided in the company’s development with a data analytics-oriented vision.

In addition to her impressive practical experience, Cristina Angelescu brings to her new role a significant knowledge base, with both formal and informal studies in economics and entrepreneurship. A passionate self-taught individual in the field of data analytics, she is about to complete the Executive MBA program at the Bucharest International School of Management (BISM), in partnership with Maastricht University. Her curiosity, ongoing desire to learn, and diverse education underscore her ability to tackle complex problems with innovative and strategic solutions, making her highly compatible with the development direction of 2Performant.

Her main mission for the next period is to support the company’s international expansion through the global e-commerce championship, based on gamification.

Cristina is a dynamic force who has had a positive influence on our entire team. Her rise from a junior position in the Business Intelligence team at the end of 2020 to Chief of Analytics in 2023, and now COO, is a clear example of progress based on merit and dedication. Cristina has demonstrated the ability to use technology and data analysis to make a significant impact, while simultaneously building communities based on sound business principles. I am pleased that 2Performant can support young professionals of her caliber.”

Dorin Boerescu, CEO 2Performant

As COO, I will focus on growing the ecosystem and developing a hybrid approach that combines data analysis with operational objectives to support regional market expansion starting in 2024. My experience to date and my journey over the last 4 years at 2Performant confirm that teams working based on autonomy and performance focus are the ones that build the next level in business. I am motivated by the exceptional people I work with, the opportunity to contribute to the success of the product and community, and building a 100% remote organization whose culture performs over time, encouraging both competition and collaboration and doing things others have not tried.”

Cristina Angelescu, COO 2Performant

Because we understand the aspirations and needs of young people, we are committed to creating a work environment that prioritizes flexibility, remote work and cultivating a culture that values transparency and efficiency. Performance is not only recognized but also rewarded, solidifying a community of individuals united by the same principles and values.

Cristina joins the management team from her new role, which includes Ana Opriță, Chief Technology Office, Adriana Ionaș, Chief Financial Officer, and Alain Gavriluțiu, Creative Director. In this formula, we will continue to develop our mentorship model, integrate elements of gamification into our products, and support young professionals, thus encouraging a new way of performing, regardless of the role occupied – whether it’s online stores or marketers.

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