• What is the average order generated by European affiliates across countries and industries? 
  • What was the best vertical for affiliates in Europe in 2021? Which one will be in 2022? 
  • How can you find the average conversion rate in the affiliate industry? 
  • What are the most reliable information sources for affiliates?
  • What are the most important criteria for an affiliate when choosing an affiliate program or an affiliate network? 
  • What are the favorite traffic sources in Europe for affiliate marketing? 

It’s no secret that finding reliable data about affiliate marketing in Europe is a challenging task. 

We deeply believe that transparency and data sharing are mandatory to help affiliates do their job better. That’s why we recently published our research about the European e-commerce and affiliate market. We also have public statistics available about all sales and traffic generated through our platform in the last 14 days. 

This time, we embarked on another daring project—a survey about the most important aspects of affiliates’ work for 2022. 

This is an open invitation to affiliates from all around Europe to respond to a short but comprehensive questionnaire about their activities. 

All the respondents will receive the aggregated results, analyzed by industries, traffic sources, countries, affiliate networks, programs, and other more useful criteria for building a successful strategy for 2022. 

A much shorter version of the results will be made public. 

If you are an affiliate active in e-commerce, please follow the link below. If you are not, please help us with a share: https://wgrw3309eg8.typeform.com/AffLandscape

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