Subscribing to the 2Performant newsletter should be one of the first things you do after creating your account. It doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate or an advertiser or if you are a new or an old user.

I know you are already getting a lot of notifications regarding your platform activity. However, the weekly newsletter has a totally different mission: to help you constantly improve your results. 

Here is what you can learn by subscribing to the 2Performant  newsletter:

  1. Info on the platform and its features 
  2. Info on 2Performant challenges, events or any other campaigns 
  3. Legal updates
  4. Platform tutorials
  5. Affiliate marketing how to articles or tutorials 
  6. PPC, Social Media, Blogging or Email Marketing how to articles or tutorials
  7. Ecommerce trends, tips&tricks 
  8. Case studies
  9. Success stories 
  10. Advertisers’ special deals
  11. Advertisers’ challenges
  12. New affiliate programs 
  13. Top affiliate programs
  14. Industry news 
  15. News about industry events and tickets discount codes 

We don’t want to spam you. This is why, this newsletter is regularly sent once a week. There may be exceptions for certain campaigns or events, including (and especially) Black Friday. 

If you missed subscribing to the 2Performant newsletter until now, this is what you should to to sign up:

Sign into your account, then go to Profile:


screenshot profile - subscribing to the 2Performant newsletter


Make sure you checked ON, in the Newsletter section.  
screenshot signup - subscribing to the 2Performant newsletter


⏩ Don’t forget to click SAVE! 🙂
If you have already subscribed, it would help me a great deal if you told me what kind of content you would like to receive. Tell me:

  AICI – if you are an affiliate

✅  AICI – if you are an advertiser

You can contact us anytime at, for any questions or suggestions you may have.

May the force of conversions be with you!


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