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We are an affiliate marketing network… and a lot more.

Here, at 2Performant, we like stats:

We have already counted over 2 million transactions through our platform for clients in central and Eastern Europe and we are not stopping here.

The 2Performant network is currently accommodating


Number of programs


Number of affiliates


Clicks sent to our advertisers


Sales advertisers got through affiliate marketing


Cashed in by advertisers through affiliate marketing

KPIs in 2Performant.

(past three months)


Average Lead Commission Value


Average Sale Commission Value


Edge Index

(sales amount for every euro invested in affiliate marketing)


Average Order Value


Average Cost Per Click

Average sales.

To help you plan better or to get an overview of what is happening in the market

Our mission, vision and values.

We believe in marketing democracy and performance marketing.

That means that online marketing can become accessible to anyone with the right skill and that the effort will always be rewarded accordingly. We support the new class of independent highly skilled professionals and the open minded business entrepreneurs. These two categories can work together and revolutionize today’s online business environment.

Our mission is to help this marketing democracy happen and to enable a right and transparent performance marketing system. We are here to create and maintain the perfect place to meet and connect with the online marketing people and the online business folks.

We guide our daily activities by performance, integrity, transparency, focus, knowledge sharing and continuous innovation.

And yes, we are extremely competitive…

Otherwise, we couldn’t
have come all this way.

Back in 2008

we launched the first affiliate network in Romania, 2Parale.ro, after winning a a startup competition at NetCamp Bucharest.

3 years later

we launched 2Leva.bg – an affiliate network for Bulgaria.

In 2015

we transformed 2Leva in 2Performant.com – European performance marketing network.


was the year that 2Parale was migrated in the new 2Performant Network. And it was epic.

So much has happened and we have learned so much.

We now work with international brands.

We work with regional and local champions, covering more than 30 industries

We have grown into a team of over 20 beautiful people.

It’s crazy when you think that only this handful of people manage so many customers and affiliates, such complex infrastructure.

  • Adina

  • Bogdan

  • Calin

  • Catalin

  • Cosmin

  • Cristina

  • Dorin

  • Elena

  • Eugeniu

  • Irina

  • Irina D

  • Lucian

  • Persida

  • Roxana

  • Sava

  • Silviu

  • Silviu C

  • Tiberiu

  • Tudor

  • Tudor C

  • Tudor M

  • Vasile

This ship’s sales are cleverly steered by our board:


CEO 2Performant (serial entrepreneur in advertising)


Associate Dean at Maastricht School of Management


Product director Hootsuite, serial entrepreneur

As you have seen, it was quite a journey so far and we are really excited about what’s coming up next.

And we are proud to see others appreciating our work.

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